For solutions, look at an earlier post.

Sequence Puzzle in Wizard’s Tower:
If you notice the first two arrows (they are fixed), they seem to be rotating in a certain direction.

Sequence Puzzle in Fairy Garden:
Number of boxes seem to be increasing.

Sequence Puzzle in Ice Room:
You need to make pairs.

Sequence Puzzle in Machine Teleporter Room (Dancing Men):
Looking at the fixed runes, arrange the runes so that only one arm or leg is different from the last one.

Sequence Puzzle in the Room of Seasons:
Rainbow colors!

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37 comments on “Hints to Sequence Puzzles”

  1. Richard Helgeson

    I’m at the shores of yantra nagari and can’t get the plank on fire. Tried everything in my inventory but nothing works. Can’t pick up anything else. Thanks

    • ironcode

      To start the fire, first assemble the fire starter. Combine the bow like object with the two other oddly shaped wooden objects. Once the fire starter is assembled, use it on the wooden plank to set the plank on fire. Now use the plank on the coals!

  2. Beginner

    I’m sorry, I tried but wheter the bow nor the other thing will do anything.
    It makes me crazy.

  3. Cherie Atkinson

    The timing on getting the steam pressure to hold for 30 seconds in the green zone. I am having a devil of a time getting this one done. What are your tips for it?

    Great game and would like to finish it.

  4. ironcode
  5. baby

    i tried doing the rainbow colours it doesnt work!!!what do i do now???

  6. baby

    i did it how the guide says buh still d door dsnt open now :( help meeeeeeee

  7. Amanda

    I am am through the fairy doors but I don’t have a rope to tie to the well. The only rope I had was with the fishing pole but its gone now. I can’t figure this out!

    • ironcode

      There is a hut in the fairy garden. The rope is towards the right of the door of the hut.

  8. bearinthewoods

    There is a series of levers on the island. I have tried MULTIPLE combinations but can’t seem to hit on the right one…I could use a little help here…is there a clue somewhere that I missed? Or, the solution would be even better!!! Thanks!

    • ironcode

      Set the levers to the following positions:
      1: Back
      2: Back
      3: Forward
      4: Forward
      5: Back

  9. whitedove125636

    if you dont have the spell to kill the skeleton what do i do and its not in the place before the fairy gardwen

  10. quest4me2u

    I am in the teleporter room have all the machines on but the teleporter can’t seem to get it on, the mini game doesn’t come up how do I get the mini game so that I can get in the teleporter and go to the study table

  11. the mail lady

    I have worked the puzzle in the ice room forward and backward and it still tells me This might work if it is done right – or words like that – help! What am I doing wrong? I tried pressing the symbol and then the “o” and then moving the tower and I tried pressing the symbol, moving the tower and then pressing the “o” and nothing seems to work.

  12. Ellen

    WOW great game took me three days to finish but loved every minute. Can’t wait for the next game, keep them coming, love the solving of many different puzzles and also finding and putting tools together to use, makes you use the brain. Can’t say a bad thing about the game. Big kodos to you and your team!
    Avid gamer

  13. pac

    I am at the shores of Yantra Nagari as well. I have picked up the old fire blower, iron rod, plank of wood that looks burned on one end, “L” shaped bar, crank or something that might have rope with it, a bow like thing, and a hammer. I know I am to use the blower on the various pieces of woods collected to start a fire. However, no matter what I do I can not collect the other 2 pieces of wood in the sand (what looks like an old sign and a piece near the water). I’ve tried everything and can not get past this.

  14. pac

    ironcode – got that thanks. I’m at the very end in the Season Room. I’ve gotten all the gems except the one associated with the “slider puzzle”. I have not had any problems figuring out any of the others in the game, but this one is tough. Have left and come back to it twice and still not getting it. Any words of help?

  15. Chris T

    Can you help me? I am in the ice room of Panhelica game, I did not use the hammer in the correct order, now it is gone, and I cannot do anything, what to do now?

    • ironcode

      @Chris: What is the problem you’re facing? Also tell me what are the objects in your inventory?

  16. jjj

    I have been trying to figure out the code to the puzzle in the ice room. Can you give me a hint? I have tried so many variations of the letters, however, I have not been able to hit on the correct combination of letters. I would appreciate some help here. I am about ready to delete the game and move on to something else. However, it seems my desire to complete the game is stronger than giving up.


  17. angie

    Im at the bells and i cant figure out the sequence for them, please help me, i have come this far and dont want to give up now, this has been a very challenging game, loving every minute of it, but am getting fustrated

  18. Susan Bowman

    I am at the outside of the fairy gardens i have found everything but the scroll to make the potion. i dont have a hollow rod after fishing. can u tell me what i did wrong and will i need to start over the game. i used a rod to fish with but dont think that could be the one i needed

  19. Malessa

    Help! These levers are driving me crazy….and right’s a short trip! :-)
    I have used the direction you advised above: Back, Back, Front, Front, Back and nothing. :-( Like I said..tick tock…insanity approaching fast! Help! LOL

  20. william

    need help in solving the the ringing the bells in correct order anyone have the solution to this thanks

  21. bj

    I’m stuck in the hidden robot room, don’t see the trap door on the floor and some lever. Don’t see any rope either. Help

  22. Victor

    I just started the game and I am at the portal of th fire pit and the bags of sand. I have put the colored stones on the pedisle first and went for the scroll and I am trying to put out the fire and I put the sand over the fire in the right order but to no avail. The bag will not empty. What am I doing wrong. Do I have to empty the bags first and if so I do I go back and correct the sequence. This does not sound right. The sequence in this case should not matter or there sould be some kind of warning. Please advise. I love this game and will recommend it. Thanks

    • ironcode

      The bags have unlimited dust, so they won’t empty at all. You need to put the dust in the correct sequence. If you make a mistake, then the fire color will revert to white. Now you can try again with the correct sequence.

  23. Kim Pulley

    Hi I am stuck at the Fairy Garden Outsides. I cannot find the hollow branch with the scroll inside. I have tried to use the kife to cur what I thought was the hollow branch on the tree just above the trap door, but have noot had any luck. Please help.


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