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Ironcode is an independent developer and publisher of quality games. We develop and produce original games and also do full service game development - from concept and design to testing and deploying.

We have our own cross platform game development engine, although we can and we do use third party game engines for client work.

We have developed and deployed games on Linux, Windows Desktop, Mac, iOS and Android on a variety of platforms, including Steam, Appstore, Google Play, Amazon, BigFish Games, AOL, Yahoo! and others.

Our Pahelika series, developed using our own cross platform game engine was a best selling casual adventure game series, and has been sold on all the major gaming portals.

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Successful games require great design and execution, and over the years Ironcode has developed the experience and ability to do both. Currently we are working on our next generation of games for mobile devices.

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Ironcode Gaming's Distribution Policy

Ironcode Gaming allows and even encourages all websites, online services, trialware disk vendors, CD ROM vendors, bulletin board systems, and end users to freely distribute the demo and freeware versions of our products. If you wish to distribute any of the IronCode products, you may obtain the most recent demo/freeware version from our download page. It is not necessary to contact Ironcode for authorization, and you may begin offering the demo/freeware versions of our products immediately.

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